【Japanese Mahjong】001:Learn kind of Mahjong tiles

Hello.My name is Kabachanta.I like Mahjogn very much.I play mahjong more than 15 years, so I want a lot of people how fun mahjogn!So, first I tell you kind of mahjong tiles!

Hey Kabachanta, How much tiles we use to play mahjong?
We use 34 tiles to play!
34!? It seems difficult to remember their!
Set your mind at ease! most of tiles are number, so you don’t have to memorize a lot. Let’s learn together!


Honours consisted of 7 tiles!
東:麻雀王国 East
南:麻雀王国 South
西:麻雀王国 West
北:麻雀王国 North
白:麻雀王国 White Dragon
發:麻雀王国 Green Dragon
中:麻雀王国 Red Dragon



All suits consisted of 9 tiles.1 to 9.
一萬:麻雀王国 Character 1
二萬:麻雀王国 Character 2
三萬:麻雀王国 Character 3
四萬:麻雀王国 Character 4
五萬:麻雀王国 Character 5
六萬:麻雀王国 Character 6
七萬:麻雀王国 Character 7
八萬:麻雀王国 Character 8
九萬:麻雀王国 Character 9


一筒:麻雀王国 Dot 1
二筒:麻雀王国 Dot 2
三筒:麻雀王国 Dot 3
四筒:麻雀王国 Dot 4
五筒:麻雀王国 Dot 5
六筒:麻雀王国 Dot 6
七筒:麻雀王国 Dot 7
八筒:麻雀王国 Dot 8
九筒:麻雀王国 Dot 9



一索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 1
二索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 2
三索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 3
四索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 4
五索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 5
六索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 6
七索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 7
八索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 8
九索:麻雀王国 Bamboo 9


Let’s play Mahjogn together!

Each tile has 4 same tiles, so we play mahjong by 136 tiles.

Next, let’s learn a hand!Comming soon!

If you want to play mahjogn in Japan, send me message by twitter(@joycat0138).I live in Kyoto, so I can play with you if you come in Kyoto, Japan.I wish to meet you! Thank you.


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